Online ESL for Business

young textile factory designers

Why offer Online ESL as an Employee Benefit?

As more immigrants enter the U.S. workforce, many workplaces are dealing with an employee language gap – among employees and between employees and the customer base they are serving. Offering employees online classes in English as a Second Language is an invaluable tool benefiting businesses, employers and employees. Improving employees’ language and communication skills fosters a better environment for employees, clients and customers. By offering Online ESL classes as a company benefit, employees feel their employer is invested in their success, businesses gain more reliable and skilled employees, and the client/customer experience is significantly improved.


Our Online ESL Program Benefits Employers Through:

  • More skilled employees saving time and money, and improving workplace performance, attendance and productivity
  • Increased employee retention as employees see an investment being made in their skills and success
  • Employers need workers who can communicate well with customers and relay necessary communications to supervisors
  • A smoother customer experience in any business or industry when employees can communicate well and effectively

Our Online ESL Program Benefits Employees Through:

  • Opportunities to demonstrate their drive to succeed, improve and contribute to your business
  • An investment in your employees’ success both personally and professionally
  • The ability to acquire skills needed for growth within your business
  • More confidence in their English skills at work, thereby improving overall communication, performance and productivity